Return Policy

Our goal is to make your shopping experience at to be the most excellent and hassle free experience it can be. Seeing the nature of matching wheels to existing products can be tricky, we are glad to give a full refund for products returned that are in “New” condition.  

Full Refund – If the product is in New condition, can be re-sold and is shipped back within 14 days, you are entitled to a full refund excluding the shipping.

At times exceptions can be made. If after 14 days you need to return your product, you will need to call for approval. As long as the same product is still available for purchase, we will then give you RMA #. The product NEEDS to be in “New” condition.  After 30 days it will be a store credit only.

If you send a product back to us that is not “new”, we will be unable to give a refund. The product will only be returned to you if you pay for the return shipping.

Disputes – Charge Backs from the Credit Card Company

Charge backs are expensive and unnecessary. We will always work to resolve any issue you may have. In our terms and agreements, you agree to:

1. To contact us and allow us to help resolve the issue. If representatives are unavailable, you agree to leave a message referring to a “disputed charge” or email us at with the subject being “disputed charge”.

2. To give us two business days to return your call or message. Usually we respond to any messages right away and will leave you a message if we do not reach you.

3. To give us three business days after we have spoken with you about the dispute.

4. You further agree that if you file a dispute with your credit card company or payment processor before completing this process, you will pay 25% of the purchase price of the product. This includes shipping to cover the time and resources to process your claim with the credit card company.

5. If after speaking with you, we cannot resolve the issue to your satisfaction and decide to go through with the charge-back, you agree to pay the 25% processing fee if the credit card company does not rule in your favor.